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                                                    ROTARY CLUB OF BRUNSWICK

October 16th, 2014

Directors for 2014-2015

President:                          Jim Horn

President Elect:                Tiffany Safran

Vice President:                    TBD

Secretary:                          Ann Socha                         Treasurer:                        John Bergenstein         

Club Service:                    Bill Wilkinson      

Community Service:            Mona Mims

International:                   Pat Carlson

Vocational:                       Jarrod Long

Youth Service:                    Tony Giovinazzo

Membership:                    Chip Rogers

Foundation:                    Marsha Pappalardo

Sergeant at Arms:          TBD


Up & Coming

Oct 16th PDG Richard Drucker III

Oct 19th Clam Bake

Oct 23rd Meeting at Bob Evans for Polio

Oct 30th Government

Nov 9th District Foundation event at Weymouth Country Club

Nov 6th Open

Nov 13th Club Assembly

Nov 20th Thanksgiving Program

Nov 26th Ring Bell at Giant Eagle

Nov 27th Deliver Meals to Seniors



Of the things we think, say, or do”

First – Is it the TRUTH?

Second – Is it FAIR to all concerned?

Third – Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?

Fourth – Will it be Beneficial to all concerned



HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Ann 10/4, Kugler 10/6 &  Bill W 10/30

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: Pedro & Kelly 10/17, Jamey & Lani 10/21, Pat & Pat 10/24, Jarrod & Danielle 10/25, & Tiffany & Bob 10/25

GUESTS: Richard Drucker & Mike Davanzo

Prayer: Bill W led us in prayer

SONG: “Smile” led By Tony

Sarge Fund Raised: ?

Every Rotarian, every year, should make a donation to the Foundation of $100. Remember to donate for birthdays, anniversaries, birth of a grandchild…..


Inflatable Update: We have 99 sold out of 100.

Clam Bake: This event is a social event for the Rotarians and their families. No fundraising this day but instead a lot of family fun. Will be at Marsha’s house 1pm on Sunday.

Bob Evans: Breakfast & meeting at Bob Evan’s on October 23rd at 7:15for Polio Plus.

Government Day: School has started and this day will be fast approaching us. Kevin Dunn has volunteered to be our speaker of the day and Jarrod will be following up with him. Jarrod is taken on sending out the invites and Tiffany has offered to help with follow up calls closer to the date. Pens have been ordered to be given as gifts to our guests.

Dictionaries: We received a thank you card from 3 siblings that attends Huntington from last week. We have deliveries again next week.

Thanksgiving Baskets: We will be doing 5 baskets. Make sure you sign up for either an item or two or give Bill W. money.

District 6630 Foundation Event: Nov. 9th at Weymouth Country $30 per person for the meal. Social hour with beer tasting starts at 1 pm with $1 per tasting size of Great Lakes Beer. Please register on the district website by Nov. 3rd. Please dress in business casual clothing.


Happy Bucks: Chip is attending the meeting today, for missing for 2 weeks, for Mackenzie to be soon medically released to dance for the Bulls, & Clayton for doing well in school, Mona for missing because of traveling alone, granddaughter, & for Neil, Mike for Richard, Tony, and for Neil, Marsha for Neil, the cavs tickets in our basket thanks to a member of the Berea club, Tony for his grandson scoring 2 touchdowns in 2 weeks, Pedro for his son standing up for himself to a bully even though he got suspend, his 17th anniversary, Goodwill’s business is improving, Jamey for his 14th Anniversary and for his friend of 20 years passing away of cancer, Lyla and her spelling abilities, Stan for Neil, Ann for her mom being back and business improving, Scott for his 27th wedding Anniversary, Jack for our speaker, Kugler for his belated Anniversary wishes, Pat for the club, Brandon for memories of school and someone being bullied, leaving early, foundation meeting, Dom we weren’t here for the last few weeks, Jim thanks to Jamey for inviting him to the Browns/Steelers game & for tips for Skylar from the board meeting, Richard for his wrong turn when he was driving to Ohio, Tiffany for the Clam Bake, Bill W for Neil, Pedro for no one getting Embola, Mona for her story.


Speaker: Richard Drucker spoke to us about what the foundation is and what it does for us and the world. The face of Rotary is about what we give to the community, our country and around the world. There are 3 funds for the foundation are: Annual, Program, Polio Plus, and Endowment Fund. He spoke of what are funds go for when we donate to the foundation. When children in other countries don’t have clean drinking water, 250,000 children die from water born disease, when water filters only cost $75 each Rotary helps countries with donating filters. Think about even donating your change in your pocket at the end of each day for a month to Rotary Foundation or what you spend in Starbucks coffee in one month’s time. It’s not much everyday but added up it can help so many people.